Revolutionising the way travel products are bought, sold and distributed

V3’s world leading, award winning products and services are supported by many years of industry research and expertise.  Our products are aimed at the full spectrum of the travel and leisure industry, from owner operated bed and breakfasts, tour operators to Government tourism bodies.

We’re committed to assisting tourism operators with online marketing and total business management solutions.  Our goal is to deliver more bookings with greater efficiency by offering cost effective and superior systems for the tourism industry to do business.

V3’s patented Open Booking Exchange (OBX™) technology powers Australia’s single national online booking platform, Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA™).

frontdesk is V3’s innovative, world leading business management software system, that enables the tourism industry to distribute their products via the Internet to customers in real-time. 

Combined with additional components, frontdesk delivers solutions at all levels for individual, small to medium size businesses, including national, regional, sub-regional and destinations.

For tourism Suppliers, frontdesk allows you to manage inventory, and deliver products live to as many tourism Distributors as you choose.

V3 offers Distributors real-time inventory availability and pricing for Australia’s most comprehensive range of boutique tourism products, and makes it easy for customers to search, book and pay online.

V3 has worked closely with national, regional and destination marketing organisations to develop market leading, digital distribution strategies.

Using the Open Booking Exchange™ technology (OBX™) allows Government tourism organisations to provide winning digital strategies and implementation for all sectors of the industry in a commercially neutral way.

V3 technology efficiently manages and simplifies the back-end, settlement processes associated with taking payments and settling commissions between Distribution channels and Suppliers.

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