frontdesk is purpose built for small to medium accommodation businesses

If you’re sick of complicated expensive PMS systems, poor or costly customer support or error ridden and time consuming manual allocations which result in the grief of double bookings, frontdesk is your savior.

Frontdesk automatically delivers your business and room descriptions and images, rates and availability live to the channels you choose to use and synchronises both your online and offline bookings. That means you present true live availability to all Distributors

Unlike other systems, frontdesk gives you the security of knowing that if the internet is down at least you can still take bookings, find customer records, process payments and more.

With the benefit of all of your information being loaded onto your desktop or Laptop AND mirrored in the ‘Cloud’ you get the best of both – ability to use frontdesk even if your internet is down, the mobility and flexibility of instant web access from computer, iPad, tablet or smart phone, wherever you may be AND full and continuous back-up for all information.

frontdesk is the smart and cost efficient system to automate and streamline your business and marketing to reduce costs, drive profits and give you back your life.

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