frontdesk - if you're serious about your tourism business

frontdesk levels the playing field for small to medium tourism businesses. Traditionally, the large hotel chains have been benefiting from the exponential increase in online bookings, because they’ve been able to invest big dollars in online booking systems. But now frontdesk is delivering these same savings and booking opportunities to all tourism businesses.

Our award winning, world-leading technology is available and affordable for a 50 room property, small B&B or even a holiday house.

With frontdesk, there are no up-front costs and because of its success fee based pricing model, in effect, you pay only for the additional business that’s generated. So there’s really no risk. It is low cost and it makes bookings so easy for you and your customers with;

  • automated the online booking and payment process - goodbye to double bookings!
  • live and real time access to your customers to book room or seat availability at the prices you set and instantly control

frontdesk gives small to medium-sized accommodation operators a total solution to run your business and sell all available inventory online in real-time.  

frontdesk brings distribution channels (traditional, newly emerging and public and Government and regional tourism organisations' websites) the opportunity to connect with a single, real-time inventory base to sell online at low cost.

frontdesk is helping drive down the cost of sale in the SME sector of the tourism industry. 

frontdesk delivers more mobile bookings too, see how...

  • It’s easy to use and you’re always in control
  • Real time distribution of available rooms and rates to your chosen online distributors
  • Once only set-up
  • It takes secure online payments for internet bookings (with advanced fraud protection)
  • frontdesk manages your bookings via an easy-to-understand computer screen
  • A single input manages all inventory
  • You decide where your rooms are sold and at what price
  • Email and text message confirmation of online bookings – keep in touch even when you’re away
  • Supports phone, walk-in and agent bookings (at no cost)
  • Support for alternative room configurations (family suites, interconnecting rooms)
  • You are in control of your pricing with season rate support

Pricing rules can easily be tweaked as much as you need:

  • Variable rates per day of the week
  • Weekend stays
  • Short break rates
  • Discounted rates for prolonged stays
  • Enforced minimum stay periods
  • Price per extra person staying
  • No minimum room allocation: you don't need to allocate any rooms to us
  • Automatically discounts unsold rooms
  • Transfers bookings between guests
  • Receives online bookings from nearby establishments that have no availability
  • Tracks expenses, processes payments and records guest requirements
  • Includes businesses stationery such as bills, tax invoices, receipts, bookings statements and registration sheets

Produces a variety of business management reports including:

  • Account reports
  • Daily check-in reports
  • Cleaning schedules
  • Occupancy reports
  • Average Day Rate
  • Future and historical revenue
  • Sales reports
  • Source and origin of bookings.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) module to help you stay in touch with your clients
  • Free software upgrades – forever.

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