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Direct Debit Request Form

Vpay Direct Debit Payment Request Form

Please download the V-Pay Direct Debit Request form, sign, scan and email the signed form to or fax to +61 (02) 9247 9999.

Payment Options:

Please note that Online Merchant Facility is different to an EFTPOS Facility, which cannot be used for online transactions

► Apply for an IntegraPay Online Merchant Facility

With IntegraPay’s facility you will be a sub-merchant of IntegraPay. IntegraPay will process the customer’s transaction and settle the booking funds (net of card fees) by direct credit into your nominated bank account within 2 working days. (On the customer’s credit card statement the transaction will display as 'iPay Travel Booking').

Please contact V3 Sales Team on 1300 266 582 to apply


► Use your 'Own' Online Merchant Facility

With this option, for online bookings, the customer is using their credit card to transact directly with you via your OMF, and the money settles directly into your nominated bank account.

"if you already have your Own Online Merchant Facility", please download this application, sign, scan and email us with a copy of your nominated bank account statement;

Download - Application form


Application form

If you are applying for a BWA Merchant Services Online Merchant Facility, you’ll need to provide your recentAccount Statement for your nominated Business bank account (simply for BWAMS to verify the account name) and a copy of a Photo ID; (either Driver’s Licence or Passport)

Please note: Internet bank statement will not be accepted. For verification purposes you must submit a copy of the actual business bank account statement.

ABN: ABN Lookup, ASIC: Organisation and Business Names Search

Application form

You can contact NAB Merchant Solutions on 1300 369 852

Please quote the V3 offer code - 700002016.

*If you nominate an Account for settlement that is not NAB, you must submit a copy of the 'Bank Statement' for the nominated account.

Please apply directly, Call 1800 730 554; Option 2.

Please apply directly, Call 1300 366 988, Option #1


Please apply directly, Call 1800 029 749


Please apply directly, Call 1300 661 059


If you have any questions, please contact us