We listen, we care, we support!

Whether you have questions about particular features, need tech support or are simply looking for new ideas, our support team is happy to help. Every frontdesk clietnt gets FREE access to our experts via phone and email during regular business hours to resolve any questions or issues. Our goal is to answer every contact within 15 minutes.

For practical and technical help call 1300 880 683 or email customerservice@v3leisure.com

We’re acknowledged as providing the very best customer support. We guarantee the best response times and maximum flexibility.

The successful operation and full utilisation of all of the features of your frontdesk system has big and far-reaching implications for your business in terms of better efficiency, cost saving, increased productivity and raising service levels. When managed as a key asset, frontdesk will vastly improve how you manage and market your business, use information, communicate and collaborate.

Unlike other systems, our help is FREE and both live online and telephone and via email. No waiting, no hourly or minimum or per contact fees, just good practical and friendly help. We share your screen when we help you so it’s just like an on-going free training service. We can help you with:        

  • Installation and set up
  • Training
  • Masterclass training videos
  • 6 monthly ‘inventory health checks’
  • Distribution management and mapping
  • Free upgrades and updates
  • Free educational assistance in your online marketing via email classes
  • Plus of course, general technical and operational support

Free Help Desk: 

9:30am – 5:30pm AEST Monday to Friday
9am – 5pm ACST Monday to Friday
7:30am – 3:30pm AWST Monday to Friday

Masterclass videos


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