Take the risk out of choosing a reservation/booking system

frontdesk was the first to revolutionise price and risk models for tourism businesses that want to participate and prosper in the online market. frontdesk makes it easy and cost efficient to leap into online with a unique LOW RISK model. No big upfront fees or charging you for upgrades, fees for add-ons, fees for set-up, fees for training, fees for using Distributors, fees for charging fees etc etc.  

With frontdesk you can manage and control all your bookings – online and offline. frontdesk is about automating bookings and management so your business is more efficient. Our focus is boosting your online bookings. That’s why there are no fees for any offline bookings, coming from phone, email or walk-ins.

Our low monthly 'service' fee and small online booking fee is great value because you get;

  • Free Smart Button
  • Free ‘Mobile Site’ button
  • Free mobile bookings pages
  • Free software upgrades
  • Free installation
  • Free set up and training
  • Free yield assistance
  • Free regular product review
  • Free Help Desk and Customer Service 

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