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Don’t just take our word for it! It’s always better to hear other’s experiences with an online booking system, so we asked some of the thousands of frontdesk users how frontdesk has worked for them and helped their businesses drive online bookings. 

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frontdesk allows me to manage a big range of sales channels that I choose. It means I'm in total control of where and how my business is presented and priced. And I keep my direct relationship with the Distributors I choose.
I get the best of all worlds!

- Mischa Way: The Summer House

A heartfelt thank you to the team at V3 for their assistance in getting Brookfield setup.
In particular to your Sales and Customer Service team, including your tech team member that setup our web site Book Now button, were very prompt, friendly and professional. Your support has been greatly appreciated.

- Jeff & Eryl Neil - Brookfield Maze

When we bought the beautiful Carlton Terrace we were very keen to get into the online marketing world quickly. The frontdesk team helped us get set up and online professionally and quickly. Now we've got our rooms live on many sales channels and our website is already getting plenty of bookings. And it wipes out that nagging worry of double bookings, and having to manually upload to multiple sites. The fact that our descriptions and images of the property and rooms together with live and automated rates and availability not only makes life so simple and more relaxed but I think it gives us a real competitive advantage.

- Kevin: Carlton Terrace

We were itching to provide online bookings for potential customers and had already signed up for an expensive Gold Coast based booking system. But we ditched the expensive program for the more affordable and easier functionality of the new frontdesk system.

It's just like having a shop front that's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the integrated management system lets us track bookings for the entire process from initial booking through to checkout. We're a small, family run operation and having an online presence is a cost effective way to generate new visitors.

- Ross McLennan and Chelsea Cox - Hidden Valley Cabins

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